Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lil G

It was a busy day of errands, orthodontist with Anna and then home for some Graham time. SO much fun! Now I need a nap. lol

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Graduation from U. S. Navy Recruit Training Command

After 8 long weeks of waiting... GRADUATION and some time with Jacob. WooHoo!!!

 All 875 Sailors about to march in for Parade in Review - PIR.

 Jacob's Division 198 is standing outside to the left.
If you really look, you can see him!


Jacob's division marching in. Jacob is on the far side, marching in front of a really tall black soldier. Keep watching, the group turns and Jacob ends up on the near side.

 Sister Divisions 197 & 198. They worked together all through boot camp.

 This was our view of Jacob. Tall ones in the back. ;)

 All 875 Sailors saying the Sailors Creed was pretty awesome!

 Prayer for all the graduating Sailors.

Group photo of Jacob's Division.
He is in the back again, top row, 3rd from left.

 After Graduation with Jacob for pictures. I wish this guy would smile. lol

Jacob is off to Pensacola Florida for Air Traffic Control school. His school is 16 weeks long, plus however long it takes for classes to begin. Right now they are waiting for more graduates to start a new class of ATC. Jacob is loving his new place and some freedom from all the crazy boot camp schedules and training. We will be visiting him in Florida this August. I'm SO looking forward to time with Jacob and that beautiful Florida coast!

OH! And did I mention, Jacob was promoted to an E3 while in boot camp.
Off to a great start already! 

This is where it all began...
Little did we know our little boy would become a Navy Sailor or be telling giant air craft what to do.

Jacob had just turned a year old when we visited the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola. He was so excited seeing all the airplanes. He ran all over the place pointing and making us chase after him. It's so strange to think that 20 years ago, a toddler was looking towards his future.