Friday, August 24, 2012

Tiny Houses

I love tiny houses! There is a new movement to make people more aware of the simplicity and economical benefits of living small. I think those things are important, but I'm also intrigued by these little cottage type houses. Where would I put everything I own? I'm coming to the conclusion that I own too much.

I'd really like to build one of these as a guest house / our kids need a temporary house / never know when someone might need a place to stay house and our parents will one day need someone to take care of them house. Who knows, maybe one day we'll build one for ourselves and rent out the big house.

I've looked at lots of one bedroom floor plans. Below is one I think would provide everything a one bedroom house needs and plenty of floor space.

Love these little houses!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Brownies & Swimming Day

Anna and I are off to go swimming with my favorite aunt in the whole world... Auntie Gloria!!  :)
We'll be sporting lots of sunscreen and totting a big ole pan of homemade brownies to share.