Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Christmas Tree Alternatives

Thinking of something new for Christmas this year. Throwing out the artificial tree and doing something a little different. There are too many people in the family with allergies 
to use a real tree, so creativity is a must. Oh yeah!

#1  I really like this one. I'm thinking of using some Cedar limbs from our trees to create this look.

#2 Lord knows, I have enough books to make this one! I think this one might go in Annabelle's room. She is the bookworm of the family and I know she would really enjoy this. :)

#3 I think this one could go just about anywhere. It would be perfect sitting next to our wood burning stove. Smaller versions would make cute table top or buffet decorations too.

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West Family Farm said...

Love those tree ideas. I want to start doing something different but the kids just look at me like I'm crazy. Might have to wait a few more years. Thanks for sharing!